Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moving Day: The Mers Apartment

Moving day is finally coming around: we start on Friday and who knows when we will end.

We have "stuff" in two different storage spaces: a small one in Paris and a big one in Dieppe in Normandy. Thus, we will have to rent a van for the Paris stuff and a moving truck for the Dieppe stuff. Jacky's original plan was to rent a moving truck, pick up the stuff in Paris and then swing by Dieppe and pick up the stuff there. That idea was quashed when he discovered that the kilometers for a big moving truck (not to mention the gas) were more expensive than for a van. So Friday he will take the stuff from Paris to Mers and on Saturday he will take the stuff from Dieppe to Mers.

Saturday also, Colman will be available to help with the moving...something I cannot do while walking on crutches. But he doesn't want to drive in to Paris from Pont-Sainte-Maxence so the rendez vous point is going to be Beauvais.

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