Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scallop season

Scallops are in season. Yesterday we went for lunch at Mon P'tit Bar and instead of the usual sole I ordered the scallop menu: scallops à la nage (i.e., in cream sauce) as an appetizer (entrée in Fench) and a brochette of grilled scallops and shrimp as the main course. The only thing that was missing was scallops for dessert; the dessert was an apple tart with a scoop of caramel ice cream. Again, we accompanied this with a nice bottle of entre deux mers; I have always been a fan of white Bordeaux wines.

The apartment is coming along quite nicely. Most of of the boxes are unpacked. When we are here we really feel as if we're in our home...The well-known negative ion effect that occurs at the seashore is tangible here. Here we are quite relaxed and sleep very well. The North Sea air is supposedly among the most heavily charged in negative ions that produce positive results.

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